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Bali Safari & Marine Park – Adventure

Bali Safari & Marine Park – Adventure

Bali Safari & Marine Park is home to over 100 different animal species, and will continue to develop its services and amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of its visitors. Currently Bali Safari has many exciting and fun adventure packages such as Night Safari has become a favorite in the park together and also other Adventures such as Safari Journey, Mara River Safari Lodge, Bali Agung Show, Elephant Safari, Tsavo Lion Restaurant, there are Funzone and also Waterpark.

Come Enjoy the best safari experience on the island of Bali at the amazing and stunning animal house that represents many species, including the rare Komodo dragons, Bali Mynah, Orangutans and more. Adventure is one of these popular Safari Packages that will start your adventure in the wild to find different types of animals, even endangered species. and also Combined with traditional Balinese culture, then access the aquarium and also there is access to special performances, and we will guarantee you, your friends & family will experience adventure experience with wild and unforgettable wildlife.

What is included in Adventure :

  1. 1 x Safari Journey – is an adventure exploring the forest inhabited by wild animals. use special buses to surround the entire forest.  one bus guided by a guide who explains each animal that is being skipped. visitors are also given the opportunity to take pictures along the way.
  2. Fresh Water Aquarium – here you can see thousands of freshwater fish in various forms from various rivers in the world.
  3. Animal Show – Performances that demonstrate the expertise of the animals in Bali Safari, which seemed to get along well if human invitation and imitating humans, animals include: Elephants, Orangutans, Cockatoo and Poodles etc.
  4. Elephant Show – Here you can watch elephant, told elephant conflict with humans and eventually reconciled. If you want after the show to rush up on stage for photos with the elephants.
  5. Fun zone and water park – Various games such children,  merry go around, climbing car,  Jungle Cruise, Go Go Bouncher, Spinning Coaster, Flume Ride,  Bumper Car, Bom Bom Boat, Water Park with water slides.


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Bali Safari & Marine Park - Adventure

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