Namba High Class Tower Apt

Namba High Class Tower Apt is a luxurious tower apartment and located in downtown Namba in Osaka Japan! with a high floor Room as well as giving you a wonderful night scene from the stunning city lights. From the large balcony of this apartment you can ignore the moments of Avenues Harukas and Tsutenkaku. enjoy your special day with your family, your best friend, and your beloved partner.

Namba High Class Tower Apt is only about 8 minutes’ walk from Tsutenkaku and is about 700 meters from Shinsekai. you will easily go to Namba CITY Shopping Center and also Glico Man Sign which is only about 800 meters and about 1.4 km from this luxury apartment, and you will also be pampered with free Wi-Fi access provided. The apartment also features a kitchen with dining area, ensuite bathroom, and there is also a washing machine. and of course a large flat-screen TV is also offered.

Shitennoji is about 18 minutes’ walk from the Namba High Class Tower Apt. and the nearest airport from this apartment is Itami Airport, which is about 15 km from this holiday accommodation. with a cozy atmosphere in one of Osaka’s favorite areas! You will be more happy and love staying here compared to in the same area or other apartments. This apartment also gives you the best price in Osaka! and the Guest who will get more facilities for the money in this city.

Facilities :

  • Parking lot

  • Free Internet Access

  • Kitchen

  • Spacious bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Living room

  • Flat screen TV

  • Room Amenitas

  • Washing machine

  • View of the city and landmarks

  • Apartment Lifts


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