Northern Breeze Jimbaran Estate Residence REF #V612

Freehold IDR : USD : 666,000   This holiday home Located in the midst of a prestigious tourist destination in South Bali. The villa has a spacious living room and dining room with open design, spacious and comfortable bedrooms, and a sparkling borderless swimming pool in this 3-bedroom villa and all provide you with […]

Beachfront Private Villa Close Echo Beach REF #VS357

Leasehold IDR : 6.870.000.000 USD : 500,000   This luxury property has the best location for your holiday accommodation in the famous tourist area of Canggu, Bali. Located just under 100 m to one of the most famous and sought-after surf hot spots, Echo Beach, with stunning beachside offerings. This spacious, comfortable 3 bedroom private […]

Sparkling Twilight With Architectural Inspiration Villa REF #V700

Freehold IDR : 13.300.000.000 USD : 984,200   This villa is a 3 bedroom holiday house that is spectacular and comfortable and has a unique interaction with the surrounding environment. It has a contemporary architecture framed with natural shades and gives you a 180 degree tropical panorama across this exotic island of Bali. Sparkling Twilight With […]

Balian Beach Hideaway Villa In Tabanan REF #VS358

Leasehold IDR : 7.557.000.000 USD : 550,000   This 1040 sqm villa property is located just 80 m from the beautiful Balian Beach that seems to be a hidden gem with a hidden and unspoiled coastline by offering world class surfing hot spots as well as kite surfing spots. The Balian Beach Hideaway Villa In […]

Affordable Luxury Villa With Skyline Views REF #V719

Freehold IDR : 6.750.000.000 USD : 499,500   Affordable Luxury Villa With Skyline Views is The elegantly designed holiday villa property and tucked away in a beautiful and peaceful hillside contours at the highest point of the Bukit Jimbaran peninsula on Bali Island, this private Villa is located in a strategic location close to Bali’s […]

Idyllic Hillside Residence Jimbaran REF #V745

Free Hold IDR : 9.618.000.000 USD : 700,000   The Idyllic Hillside Residence Jimbaran villa is located in a peaceful and serene residential neighborhood and leads to the peak of the beautiful tallest Hill, offering you 2 comfortable bedrooms and giving you a view of exotic Balinese silhouettes with beautiful ocean bays and stunning mountain backdrops. Villa […]

Sunset Villa Seminyak #22464

Lease hold 15 years IDR : 6,500,000,000  We offering IDR : 550,000,000 or USD 40,000 / years  IDR 2,750,000,000 or USD 200,000 /5 Years rental     Sunset Villa Seminyak is a modern, private villa with spacious and comfortable bedrooms and is located in the heart of fashionable and fashionable Seminyak travel destinations in Bali, […]

Joglo style in residential neighbourhood #V663

Free Hold IDR :  4.900.000.000 USD : 362,600   The villa is located on a quiet and peaceful street in the trendy and stylish Canggu area. with a Strategic Location, close to Canggu Club and various restaurants that are well known for its delectable food and within short and convenient driving distance to the popular […]

Monthly Rental 1 Bedroom Private Villa Seminyak #22463

Monthly Rental   1 Bedrooms Private Villa Mothly rental price is USD 3,400 / low season   Monthly Rental 1 Bedroom Private Villa Seminyak #22463 is one of the most luxurious types of accommodation offered by MaiSeminyak, where it offers you a private villa that is so luxurious with 44 m2 in size, Private exclusive […]