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BPB 222">Villa Waha — BPB 222

Villa Waha — BPB 222

VILLA WAHA Waha Vil­la is a lux­u­ry vil­la with four bed­rooms designed with mod­ern and has a min­i­mal­ist aes­thet­ic. The vil­la is locat­ed at the beau­ti­ful beach is marshy and Cang­gu beach club, which is […]

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BPB 221">Villa Kirgeo — BPB 221

Villa Kirgeo — BPB 221

VILLA KIRGEO Vil­la Kir­geo is a lux­u­ry vil­la with 4 bed­rooms, love­ly, this vil­la is locat­ed only about 200 meters from Berawa Beach and also close to the neigh­bor­hood pad­dy peace­ful in Cang­gu, you only […]

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BPB 220">Villa Sophia — BPB 220

Villa Sophia — BPB 220

VILLA SOPHIA Vil­la Sophia is a lux­u­ri­ous vil­la with four bed­rooms with two floors with styl­ish and high spec­i­fi­ca­tion. The vil­la is locat­ed in the heart of Legian Kuta Bali tourism is so famous for […]

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BPB 216">Villa Maria — BPB 216

Villa Maria — BPB 216

VILLA MARIA Vil­la Maria is a mag­nif­i­cent vil­la sit­u­at­ed in the heart of Legian Kuta Bali trav­el. Lux­u­ry vil­la with two floors and has four bed­rooms are designed with style and high spec­i­fi­ca­tions. To be […]

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BPB 215">Villa Banyu — BPB 215

Villa Banyu — BPB 215

VILLA BANYU Wel­come to Vil­la Banyu Semi­nyak, vil­la with own con­cept of aquat­ic oasis right in the heart of Semi­nyak Bali is the famous trav­el. In the Javanese lan­guage “Banyu” means water, and Banyu is […]

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BPB 209">Villa Amman — BPB 209

Villa Amman — BPB 209

Vil­la Amman Vil­la Amman is a lux­u­ry vil­la com­plex locat­ed at The Res­i­dence Semi­nyak. Vil­la with two floors con­sists of two pavil­ions with style L-shape, com­bined with a pool view with black orna­ments around so […]

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BPB 210">Bali Private Villa — Villa Shanti — BPB 210

Bali Private Villa — Villa Shanti — BPB 210

Bali Pri­vate Vil­la — Vil­la Shan­ti Bali Pri­vate Vil­la — Vil­la Shan­ti is locat­ed at Jalan Bali San­ti is right in the heart of Semi­nyak Bali’s famous tourism with lux­u­ry tour enjoy­able. You will eas­i­ly […]

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BPB 208">Villa Manis — BPB 208

Villa Manis — BPB 208

VILLA MANIS That’s sleek and sophis­ti­cat­ed Vil­la Man­is on com­plek Ara­ma­n­is Vil­las, with retain­ing the com­fort­able atmos­phere and calm area between Sun­set Road and Jalan Semi­nyak. Just sim­ply dri­ve a few min­utes to the pop­u­lar […]

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BPB 203">Villa Bamboo — BPB 203

Villa Bamboo — BPB 203

VILLA BAMBOO If you are tourists who want to stay com­fort­able with an atmos­phere of Vil­la trop­i­cal island Bam­boo is the right choice. This vil­la designed with typ­i­cal Bali­nese style clas­sic with a con­tem­po­rary twist […]

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Pandawa Cliff Estate

Pandawa Cliff Estate

Pan­dawa Cliff Estate Pan­dawa Cliff Estate is a vil­la com­plex locat­ed in a strate­gic place where it is locat­ed on the Buk­it. Pan­dawa Cliff Estate is not too far from the city cen­ter and also […]

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