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BPB 287">Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud — BPB 287

Villa Shinta Dewi Ubud — BPB 287

VILLA SHINTA DEWI UBUD Vil­la Shin­ta Dewi Ubud is a beau­ti­ful con­tem­po­rary style vil­la sit­u­at­ed on the edge of the coun­tryside and is about five min­utes’ dri­ve from the cul­tur­al heart and also the Bali­ne­se […]

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BPB 277">Villa Hamsa — BPB 277

Villa Hamsa — BPB 277

SOHAMSA OCEAN ESTATE | VILLA HAMSA Vil­la Ham­sa is locat­ed at Cliff Top, which will give you a view of the Extra­or­di­nary From sea to sparkle in Under­neath, this vil­la offers you four bed­rooms with […]

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BPB 274">Villa De Suma — BPB 274

Villa De Suma — BPB 274

  VILLA DE SUMA Vil­la De Suma designed with a sense of the exotic East with a touch of con­tem­po­rary West­ern style to meet the needs and con­ve­nience. Vil­la De Suma is locat­ed in the […]

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BPB 271">Villa Adenium — BPB 271

Villa Adenium — BPB 271

VILLA ADENIUM Vil­la Ade­ni­um locat­ed on a hill­side with sweep­ing views of the stun­ning of the sea, Vil­la Ade­ni­um is sit­ting in a vil­la com­plex are lux­u­ri­ous, qui­et, safe and com­fort­able is on a hill […]

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BPB 258">Villa Casablanca Suite — BPB 258

Villa Casablanca Suite — BPB 258

VILLA CASABLANCA SUITE Locat­ed in a qui­et area and locat­ed in Bali, Vil­la Casablan­ca Suite is an exclu­sive vil­la with 4 bed­rooms locat­ed close to the tourist areas of Jim­baran. Lux­u­ri­ous and com­fort­able vil­la can […]

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BPB 253">Villa Puribalangan — BPB 253

Villa Puribalangan — BPB 253

BALI ACCOMMODATION | VILLA PURIBALANGAN Vil­la Purib­alan­gan Set on a hill­top, offer­ing you vil­las with open con­cept scenic views from all sides of the vil­la and also an infin­i­ty pool over­look­ing trop­i­cal land­scapes. The vil­la […]

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BPB 238">Villa Makanda — BPB 238

Villa Makanda — BPB 238

VILLA MAKANDA Vil­la Makan­da is a 4 bed­room vil­la with lux­u­ry and glam­or, locat­ed in the mid­dle of Shal­i­mar Estate Vil­la Com­plex. The vil­la offers you stun­ning views of the beau­ti­ful green rice fields and […]

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BPB 235">Villa Jadine — BPB 235

Villa Jadine — BPB 235

JADINE BALI VILLA Vil­la Jadine is a lux­u­ry vil­la with eth­nic designs are so amaz­ing. Vil­la is sit­u­at­ed in a strate­gic loca­tion that is close to the beau­ti­ful beach Brawa in Cang­gu and is locat­ed about […]

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BPB 232">Villa Impossibles — BPB 232

Villa Impossibles — BPB 232

VILLA IMPOSSIBLES Out­stand­ing on the water­front, Vil­la Impos­si­bles is a pri­vate vil­la with four bed­rooms, lux­u­ri­ous and com­fort­able. The vil­la is locat­ed at the bot­tom of the cliff edge of a very beau­ti­ful beach which […]

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BPB 223">Villa The Maya — BPB 223

Villa The Maya — BPB 223

VILLA THE MAYA Vil­la The Maya is a lux­u­ry vil­la stun­ning, con­tem­po­rary design, and is also a fam­i­ly vil­la with a two-storey vil­la. The vil­la is locat­ed in between the pure green rice fields and […]

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