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Villa in Ubud Area

Villa in Ubud Area.

Ubud is a tourist spot that own and produce works of painting, sculpture, dance, sculpture including various traditional musical art are maintained and flourish to this day. This tourist area has views of the countryside and a wide expanse of rice terraces and collided presented in harmony with the existing art culture here. Ubud itself is a district town which became an administrative region of Gianyar regency. The place is already well known from 1930 as producing village of art and beautiful rural areas, presenting the real Balinese culture with its natural shades cool air. Downtown Ubud, affordable location from the airport, a tourist center of Kuta, Denpasar and Sanur, from the airport by car takes 1 hour drive. One of the attractions in Bali became the target of a visit tour, both for local and foreign tourists.

This village is a village producing art that is already famous among local and foreign tourists. The existence of Ubud as well as Kuta known as the International Village. If Kuta is known for its natural beauty because of its beaches, while Ubud art culture and countryside are beautiful. So if you are bored with the natural landscape beach then come back here. In the city center there is an art market and along the main road, there are many art galleries, museums, art shops selling local handicrafts, restaurant and hotel. So that you can enjoy the area attractions in Bali for more leverage, you need a few days stay here. If you are outside Ubud, could lease a car rental in Bali and scheduled tour to the region. Ubud art market is almost the same as Sukawati art market. Because it sells a wide assortment of local crafts, clothes, bags, and much more. Painting is the most important thing is generated. So that the art gallery is easily found. There is some villas located in ubud.










Ubud Bali Accommodation Hotel.

This Below are the hotels has startegically location in Ubud area. Which give every guests who want to stay in hotel at the Ubud to get easy access to tourist attraction. Hotels also is another option for traveler to stay except stay in villa. Also suitable for someone who want to get full services.



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