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Villa in Sanur Area

Villa in Sanur Area

Sanur is an attractive tourist spot in Bali. Tourist attractions Sanur, became one of the best choice of domestic or foreign tourists, besides the tourist spots of Kuta and Jimbaran. Currently in Sanur tourist spot there are many hotels and villas, with prices relatively equivalent to interesting places in Bali the other. In addition, the Sanur area there are many art shop, money changer, mini market, bar, cafe, restaurant as supporting tourism facilities. It can be said Sanur area is one of the pioneers of tourism island of Bali, and make tourism in Bali is famous until today. One of the famous beach in Sanur tourist spot, called Sunrise Beach.


Every morning around 5:00, if you come to the beach sunrise, you'll see a lot of tourists are waiting for the sunrise. That’s why this beach called sunrise because, the beach is always offers a beautiful view of the sunrise. Sanur beach is now built small huts used for a place to sit around waiting sunrises. If you are looking for a snack to accompany you, you do not need to worry, because many trader around the Sanur beach. So, visitors can also see the view of the sunrise with a swim at the beach. Just like most beaches on the Bali island, Sanur Beach also a beautiful white sand beach.


The sand at Sanur beach has white sand and the sea water also shallow. Additionally, you will see many traditional fishing boats lining at the shore and the boats have some attractive colors to be seen. In addition to see the sunrise, Sanur beach is also often used by professional photographers, to take pre wedding photos, with background of sunrise and traditional fishing boat colorful. Because the waves at the beach of Sanur is very quiet, then this beach is much visited for snorkeling and diving activities. If you want to do a surfing, Sanur beach is not suitable for you. There are a villa and hotel that you can choose to stay.







Sanur Bali Accommodation Hotel.

This Below are the hotels has startegically location in Sanur area. Which give every guests who want to stay in hotel at the Sanur to get easy access to tourist attraction. Hotels also is another option for traveler to stay except stay in villa. Also suitable for someone who want to get full services.


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