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Villa in Bukit / Uluwatu Area

Villa in Bukit / Uluwatu Area

Pura Uluwatu is one of the attractions in Bali that is popular and become a mandatory destination during the visit tour. Its existence is charming and wonderfully located at the end of the cliffs, it looks so unique and interesting, here visitors can see the sunset / sunset beautiful. Temple area provided the stage where digelarnya Kecak dance performance every afternoon, with sunset background makes it a spectacular show, with dancers accompanied by a group of men numbering about 50 people. If you holidays island is a time to enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu Kecak dance entertainment.
Attractions Uluwatu is known as a place that offers the beauty of a sunset, where a round ball with a hue jinnga reddish as a body sank into the ocean Indonesia in the west foot of the horizon, plus alloy Kecak dance performed every afternoon starting at 18:00 for 1 hour, menjadikanya object the most sought-after in the afternoon by tourists, staging Kecak is quite the most interesting and exciting, with a duration long enough staging, the background of sunset, and spectators sometimes invited to interact. Making it an interesting experience.
But before the trip top to Uluwatu all the way in the direction toward this place, we come across the village of Pecatu, along the way a lot of places excellent, and well worth a visit, like the GWK, beach Dreamland, Balangan and beach Pandava a new place to treat the natural charm exotic. Indeed South region is relatively rich in places with an undeniable beauty.
So make sure your trip to the South area can also enjoy a variety of watersport activities located in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. There is also near blue point beach where is just 3 kilometers from uluwatu temple. There are a villa we offering for you



Bukit / Uluwatu Bali Accommodation Hotel.

This Below are the hotels has startegically location in Bukit / Uluwatu area. Which give every guests who want to stay in hotel at the Bukit / Uluwatu to get easy access to tourist attraction. Hotels also is another option for traveler to stay except stay in villa. Also suitable for someone who want to get full services.



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