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Shalimar Villas Complex

Welcome to the Shalimar Villas Complex

Shalimar Villas Complex is located in the quiet seaside landscape is so beautiful and exotic and classic Bali. With there are many coconut trees and beautiful views of rice fields, coupled with the amazing view of the tops of the mountains on the horizon. Villas Complex is located on the south west coast or right beside one of the traditional villages in Bali is the village Seseh. Where life in this village mostly remains unchanged despite the more advanced and modern world.

In Shaliamr Villas Complex there are 3 luxurious and comfortable villas include Villa Kalima, Villa Makanda, and Villa Cantik, as well as all the villas also you can rent together ie Shalimar Estate. Where this villa seemed to form a piece of paradise to have a very stunning scenery of the surrounding nature as a wonderful view of the beach, paddy fields and vast expanse of the park with lots of trees and grass are green smooth. Villa complex is designed with tropical architecture contemporary, with there open space living green and spacious with a combined abundance of light that mingled with the sound of the surf beach, palm trees, frangipani trees are fragrant and garden villas that green and exotic that will bring you can menikamti vacation retreat pleasant, luxurious and comfortable as well as make you never want to leave.




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