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Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park

Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park

Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park invited the public to get know about "Zoological" with the lives of wild animals in zoos. Getting Zoological not just about having exotic animals in habitants environmentally friendly, also not only allows guests to be a live interactive, feeding and riding elephants, petting moose, playing with the rabbits, and allay fears by holding snakes, baby alligators, and bears, as well not just about seeing a bird show and the lions, tigers and bears up close, it's all the things you can do in Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park. From the moment you enter the gates of Bali Zoo Park you can hold and take pictures with tropical birds, feeding the animals and more. Bali Zoo Park can also be accessed by the disabled. Bali Tourism Tour gives you a very memorable experience in the vacation to Bali Holiday Villas to visit the Zoo on the island of Bali.

What to do in bali zoo park?

  • Animal Encounters - Closer to the Beast: You sit close to domestic animals like tiger cubs, alligators, binturongs, snakes and animals .. Photo session with an assortment of exotic fauna. See what the scales freshwater crocodile and python or feathers of binturong and tigers.
  • Feed The Animal - Feed the Animals: Here you can buy fruit to feed the wallabies, deer, gibbons, sun bears, orangutans, camels, etc. And also you can feed the animals such as crocodiles, tigers and lions at the Bali Zoo Park.
  • Petting Zoo - Animal Feeding Animals In The Spot: you to interact with pets and babies of our animals while learning about their behavior. Children can touch and feed some of our domestic animals (rabbits, baby deer, horses) in Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park.
  • Exotic Bird Show - enjoy the attractions of the exotic birds along with an experienced guard in which you will be invited to see the birds play - play in their natural habitat.
  • Dine with the wildlife - enjoy a unique dinner in which the location of a restaurant not far from the lion's den.
  • Elephant View - you can enjoy a meal while enjoying views of tropical birds and elephants parade.

There are some packages that we provide to Bali zoo park.

Bali Tour Activity Zoo Park

Breakfast with Elephant

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