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Bali Tour Activity Water Rafting

Bali Tour Activity Water Rafting

Telaga Waja River would offer a significant difference with another river. rafting at Telaga Waja has a line of Bali longest track, the distance is 16 kilometers. If you are rafting at Telaga Waja and want to trek down river along 16 kilometers, then you will take approximately 2 and half hours until 3 hours. also  Telaga Waja has clear and clean water, and offering views of rice fields alongside the river and stream flows are very strong. It's suitable for those of you who have a spirit of adventure and water sports like rafting Bali. Jeram owned Telaga Waja almost 5 meters high, but you do not have to worry because its very safe place for lovers rafting.

Besides the rapids were so challenging, Telaga Waja also offers a view of beautiful nature. At each side of the Telaga Waja is surrounded by  shrubs, rice fields and trees. On the north also appear views of Agung Mountain is the highest mountain on Bali. It would be amazing experiences, if you trying to rafting at Telaga Waja . It's the best activity for those aged between 7-65 years.

the second choice we have rafting in Ayung River. Ayung River is located in the village of Payangan Ubud Bali, as you know Ubud Bali is one of the tourist attractions in Bali very famous , To go to the Ayung River will take as long as 1 hour if you are from Ngurah Rai Bali, during the trip you will pass sights Kuta, Sanur tourist attractions and the city of Denpasar. Time taken to rafting on the Ayung river less than 2.5 hours with a path length of 13 kilometers. During the trip rafting on the Ayung River you will be taken to enjoy the rapids of the Ayung River while taking pictures at the edge of the river that has a background carvings along hundreds of meters, these carvings result of creative art Balinese people and it is typical of rafting on the Ayung river.


Bali Tour Activity Water Rafting Fantastic adventure to explore rural life in Bali with Enjoy Water rafting Adventure, make your holidays complete and UN-forgotten. Here you can Enjoy Nature Bali Accommodation and get fresh water. you will spend 2.5 hours shaking adrenaline adventure with water rafting and well experience guide with the best safety equipment. here is the real adventure for you.

After doing Bali Tour Activity Water Rafting you will be at the finish line and enjoy your welcome drink and lunch for free, and you also clean up your body.
Never miss it!!!.

There some of Rafting that you can choose :


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