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Bali Tour Activity Canyoning

Bali Tour Activity Canyoning

Bali Tour Activity Canyoning is an adventure in the outdoors and sports, using various techniques which can include activities such as caving, walking, wading, crawling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, sliding into the natural slope or swim in the water. Adventure is an adventure travel program that may still rarely provided by other providers in Bali Accommodation. For lovers of adventure travelers in Bali is a challenging and exciting travel that needs to be perceived challenges when vacationing on the island full of natural charm travel.

Usually in the rainy season will be a barrier for some people indulge. No exception activists outdoors. Nature exploration, rock climbing, mountain climbing, camping and other outdoors sports various barriers to enter the weather into consideration the preparation for the culprit. But that does not apply to Canyoning. Canyoning is a sport type of nature that is not so popular Bali Tour Activity Canyoning in Indonesia is actually a lively done during the rainy season.

Monsoons are deliberately chosen to climb due to discharge abundant waterfalls. The challenge lies precisely in the swift barrier waterfall. With security systems, equipment used and experienced guide, a program designed to make a reliable choice. Bali Tour Activity Canyoning is a program that aims to improve the maturity of self, then the adventure, according to some opinions very considered important. With packaging designed for tourists, then all purposes and needs of the program has been provided by Bali Adventure And Spirit. Schedule and provisions adventure program can be tailored to the needs of travelers.

There are several options on the Canyoning program include

Most Wanted Canyon.


Canyon Trip Lovers



Combo and Hot Deals

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