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Bali Tour Activity ATV Ride

Bali Tour Activity ATV Ride

Bali Tour Activity ATV Ride like off road adventure seems to need to try this one, riding ATV operated by Bali By Quad, in the hamlet Kedampal, Mangesta village, Penebel District, Tabanan. Located at the foot of Mount Batukaru, making it a cool place, like other areas in the region, namely Jatiluwih, where even this presents a view of the rice terraces, sprawling making it a very interesting and deserve to be attractions choice. Moreover, can walk around the streets of the countryside, then cross the rice fields, exploring the extreme path, invites tourists adventurous, enjoying nature unspoiled resort island, so it can serve green and lush natural scenery, making this a memorable adventure. Entering this adventure in your tour travel agenda in Bali Holiday Villas is a wise choice, you will be treated to a different holiday Susana and seem to be exclusive, even children who like a challenge can come and share this experience of Bali Tour Activity ATV Ride.

Mangesta itself comes from the word "uma" means the fields, "nges" means solid / lot, "ta" means that, so overall could mean there is no vast expanse of rice fields. Indeed, until now we can still see the beauty of it, be a source of livelihood of the residents here. This natural potential to really be an important asset in addition to agriculture can also be managed for recreational adventures. Therefore Bali By Quad in 2009, began presenting challenging points of ATV riding. The company employs local workers, and contribute more to the development of the village, a good step in addition to introduce and promote the tourism potential of this village to the outside also boost the economy of the citizens.

Bored with the beach or tour on routes usual, joined ATV ride which is managed by Bali By Quad, feels will provide a new atmosphere in a vacation. A total of 24 vehicles provided for ready ATV adventure, the engine capacity of 250 and 150 cc, available in automatic and manual models, such as riding a motorcycle alone even easier because it has four wheels like a car. You will be invited to a guided tour down a rural road in the township Banjar Piling Kanginan, dengaan Bali Tour Activity ATV Ride see routines resident, watched the local culture. Then continue along the road Subak here you can see the expanse of rice fields, the activities of the farmers, as well as the beauty of mountains Batukaru, stopping at a hut to watch this beauty. Following the ATV adventure in the village Mangesta, we will be offered several options route, if you want to take the path of unusual or extreme.



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