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Aroma Therapy Massage


Aroma Therapy Massage

Price USD 35

Aro­mather­a­py Mas­sage is a mas­sage ther­a­py using oils extract­ed from plants, flow­ers, and fruit of nat­u­ral, high­ly con­cen­trat­ed, and called with essen­tial oils. added or mixed into mas­sage oil or lotion. You can choose one of sev­er­al essen­tial oils are offered. Aomather­a­py This mas­sage is per­fect for those of you who often suf­fer from stress and sta­bi­lize the emo­tion­al lev­el of a per­son. And some oth­er dis­eases such as for exam­ple: Insom­nia, Stress, diges­tive dis­or­ders, pre­men­stru­al syn­drome (PMS) and back­ache.

Dur­ing the mas­sage process takes place, the scent of essen­tial oils will spread and fill the air around the room. The nos­trils are attached to part of the brain called the lim­bic sys­tem, the lim­bic sys­tem that will con­trol emo­tions and affect the ner­vous sys­tem and hor­mones. When you inhale essen­tial oil mol­e­cules, mes­sages sent to the lim­bic sys­tem will have an effect on the heart rate,  blood pres­sure, stress lev­els, breath­ing,  diges­tion, mem­o­ry and the immune sys­tem. Patients with can­cer and is under­go­ing treat­ment the more you use Aro­mather­a­py Mas­sage as a heal­ing ther­a­py.

Treatment : 120 minutes

  • wel­come drink
  • 1 hour mas­sage
  • Scub aro­mather­a­py
  • Body masker
  • eye relax­ation treat­ment
  • hot water bathup relax­ation
  • hot tea herbal­ist.


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