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III — BPB 273">Des Indes Villa IIIBPB 273

Des Indes Villa III — BPB 273

DES INDES VILLAS | DES INDES III Des Indes Vil­la III is locat­ed in the Semi­nyak Estate Lak­sh­man elite class ser­vice from the pro­fes­sion­al staff and trained. This lux­u­ry vil­la offers three bed­rooms are lux­u­ri­ous […]

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BPB 269">Villa Oost Indies — BPB 269

Villa Oost Indies — BPB 269

VILLA OOST INDIES Vil­la Oost Indies is a vil­la designed with con­tem­po­rary touch­es of tra­di­tion­al Indone­sia and with full ser­vice of pro­fes­sion­al staff and trained vil­la. Sit­u­at­ed in the tourist area of Semi­nyak Bali, or […]

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BPB 267">Villa Vidya — BPB 267

Villa Vidya — BPB 267

VIDYA BALI VILLA Vil­la Vidya a is locat­ed in Semi­nyak Bali pre­cise­ly the tourist area of Jalan Naku­la, where the vil­la is locat­ed in a qui­et area far from the noise and agi­ta­tion. But it still […]

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BPB 262">Villa Aramanis Indah — BPB 262

Villa Aramanis Indah — BPB 262

  ARAMANIS VILLAS | VILLA INDAH Vil­la Indah is a lux­u­ri­ous pri­vate vil­la locat­ed in Ara­ma­n­is Vil­las com­plek, are brand new stun­ning vil­la com­plex and locat­ed in the tourist area of Semi­nyak or on the […]

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BPB 257">Villa Green Mango — BPB 257

Villa Green Mango — BPB 257

  VILLA GREEN MANGO Vil­la Green Man­go is a pri­vate vil­la that offers you 3 bed­rooms, lux­u­ri­ous and com­fort­able. Named Green Man­go because in the vil­la are ripe man­go trees locat­ed beside the entrance to […]

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BPB 252">Villa Roku — BPB 252

Villa Roku — BPB 252

BALI HOLIDAY VILLAS SEMINYAK | VILLA ROKU Vil­la Roku is a lux­u­ri­ous and com­fort­able vil­la that offers you a 3 bed­room vil­la with an open con­cept. Vil­la is also equipped with a large pri­vate swim­ming […]

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BPB 241">Villa Origami — BPB 241

Villa Origami — BPB 241

Vil­la Origa­mi | Semi­nyak Peace­ful Pri­vate Vil­la Origa­mi is a com­bi­na­tion of words in the Japan­ese lan­guage, which oru mean­ing “fold­ing” when we mean “paper” which is the ancient Japan­ese art of paper fold­ing. Art […]

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BPB 236">Villa Ashna — BPB 236

Villa Ashna — BPB 236

VILLA ASHNA Vil­la Ash­na is a vil­la with a mod­ern design and com­fort­able, locat­ed in a per­fect loca­tion that is the tourist area of Semi­nyak Bali. Tempt you to give a sense of excite­ment and […]

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BPB 234">Villa Amabel — BPB 234

Villa Amabel — BPB 234

Vil­la Ama­bel | Semi­nyak Peace­ful Pri­vate Vil­la Vil­la Ama­bel is locat­ed in the tourist area famed Sun­set Road Semi­nyak, where this area is the per­fect place to have access so eas­i­ly to a vari­ety of […]

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BPB 228">Villa Miro — BPB 228

Villa Miro — BPB 228

VILLA MIRO Vil­la Miro, this vil­la is posi­tioned with excep­tion­al name­ly in the dis­tricts of fash­ion­able and hip Bra­ban Street, Semi­nyak. Where Vil­la Miro is locat­ed in the trendi­est areas and also the most pop­u­lar […]

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